General Manufacturing

Although very different, both Discrete and Process manufacturing require timely and accurate data across all processes regardless of whether you’re producing products from a bill of materials or a formula. TECH-CITY’s manufacturing inventory tracking can provide visual instructions and descriptions, validate components or ingredients, and ensure your manufactured product meets or exceeds the demanding standards required in today’s increasingly competitive market.

The pre-built applications or custom processes (developed by you or us) provide you with the following features:

  • Device management and monitoring

  • Interface to any device or browser without modification to the script

  • RFID Engine with configurable environment for readers, antennas, and tags

  • Easy printing output for barcode labels and RFID tags

  • Flexible PLC / Sensor input and output

  • Complete traceability by user/device

  • Integrated security and user authentication

  • Multi-lingual support based on user login

  • Event based Text SMS or e-mail message notifications

  • Special instructions for machine operators or order pickers

TECH-CITY’s solution is easy to use, configure, and conforms to how you operate your business. Our comprehensive solutions include business processes where tracking the process, material flow and integration into back office systems occur automatically. Greater visibility of daily operations gives your organization the ability to make proactive decisions to stay ahead of the competition. So whether you sit at a desktop computer, use a handheld barcode scanner, smart phone, tablet or want to use RFID in manufacturing, our solution will provide the accurate, real-time information you need for that competitive advantage.