TECH-CITY provides flexibility, scalability, and reliability to every solution we deliver. Each process application has the ability to capture data via multiple methods including sensors, scales, PLC’s, Biometrics, Barcodes, as well as all spectrums of radio frequency identification (RFID).


Solutions naturally integrate the three primary elements of complex AIDC processes:

Edge devices. Advanced data collection technologies like RFID, barcode, PLCs, sensors and biometrics – multi-device, multi-frequency, multiple data formats and multiple form factors.

Information workers. Internal front and back-office workers collecting data or viewing real-time data analysis, as well as the mobile workforce using Wi-Fi and web browser edge devices.

Systems of recording. Numerous integration capabilities to retrieve or update multiple applications, both packaged and custom, via Web services, native application program interfaces (APIs), remote function calls (RFCs), open database connectivity (ODBC) and/or message queues.

Solutions are crafted using intuitive design, draw and deploy methodology that quickly turns raw data from edge devices into useful information for the information worker and system of record. From graphical design to graphical presentation, TECH-CITY brings consistency and structure to the development process for AIDC and mobility transactions.


TECH-CITY provides the ability to execute business processes developed on a device running Windows CE, Pocket PC or Windows Mobile, Android, iOS operating systems. This gives developers the freedom to deploy business process applications on a wide variety of devices, ranging from handheld barcode readers to Smart-phones, for operation when a network connection is not available.

The solution allows Mobile devices to run in an intranet detached “store and forward” mode allowing data to queue up between the mobile device and the server. Data synchronization occurs when the mobile device comes within Wi-Fi access range and communicates with the server. If the mobile device has internet connectivity to the server and has a web browser, no client software is necessary. Internet connectivity to the server also allows managers and supervisors to monitor and manage assets/inventory while on the go. Customers using our Mobile solution can rest assured their mobile work force will have tools to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

Embedded Hardware & Software

Reliable, cost effective and solid design set us apart. Collaborating with our customers to design the best products possible. Once your hardware is designed, you can't do much of anything useful with it without proper firmware to make it come alive. Embedded firmware requires specialized tools and skills. We have the ability to get the job done right, on time, and within budget.

Whether it's a PC application to interface with your custom hardware, software driver development, mobile apps, web design, big data analysis or cloud computing, we've got you covered. We are versed in a variety of applications, operating systems, and scripting languages to help fully integrate and connect your awesome embedded system to the world.