TECH-CITY’s consultants can quickly implement the solution(s) that will streamline the performance of your operations. We are experts in Automated Identification Data Capture (AIDC) solutions and our deep knowledge and experience of AIDC best practices are well known in the marketplace. Our implementation objective is to rapidly create a working environment of your solution that is quickly accessible by all users for testing and training. TECH-CITY’s approach is hands-on with the project team and end users from the beginning.

We believe there is a direct correlation between the effort expended in project management and the degree of success you achieve. Using proven and tested project management methodologies, we work with your team to develop a detailed design plan. Then, we will help you manage the plan, to ensure that all key milestones are met, and that the solution you are implementing is fully tested and documented before being moved into production. Proper planning and project management ensures that your solution can be seamlessly installed – on time and within budget.