Industrie 4.0 & IOT

The term ‘Industry 4.0’ became publicly known in 2011, when an initiative named “Industrie 4.0” promoted the idea as an approach to strengthening the competitiveness of the German manufacturing industry. Industry 4.0 encompasses some key concepts: Cyber Physical Systems (the integration of computation and physical processes), Internet of Things (IoT) and Internet of Services (to offer services via the internet). The objectives are the OpEx (Operational Expenses) reduction (less maintenance and shutdowns), Process and product innovation and the possibility to switch from fixed to recurrent costs.

Manufacturing process management

Manufacturing Management is a collection of technologies and methods used to define how products are to be manufactured. MPM differs from Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)/MRP which is used to plan the ordering of materials and other resources, set manufacturing schedules, and track cost data.

TECH-CITY's solution can feed your existing SAP MES, MRP, and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions automatically with Real-Time production data.

Our solution that takes care of everything, from the embedded device to the Data Analytics and Reporting that can be customized to any customer’s needs:

  • We can develop both custom interfaces and expose personalized APIs: it’s your choice.

  • Can be deployed in private-cloud mode, or on premise.

  • Reads data from distributed devices and send commands on a tiny and reliable communication protocol.

IOT Gateway

An IOT Gateway makes it possible to connect a non-IoT local device network to a cloud/ on-premise infrastructure.

Having an intermediate entity allows for solving a number of issues on the data transport end in terms of security, compatibility and reliability. Moreover, the IOT device can also talk with a legacy, non-IP protocol.

The IOT Gateway packs in all you need to connect your device networks to the IoT and your business logic. It’s a standalone solution which can be installed right away and can integrate with potentially any field protocol your hardware supports.

  • Integrate any field protocol (e.g.: CANBus) on the Gateway’s end

  • Use Data connectors to deliver data securely to your Business Logic/ERP/Analytics

  • Monitor all your devices

  • Take advantage of hardened security

  • Integrate with Distributed Computing solutions

  • No code needed: install the IOT gateway, and start collecting data.